Lots of companies are waiting to send you your free cell phone. The process to get one? Very simple.

About the program

Many people say that this program, formally named Lifeline Assistance, is one of the most successful government programs ever. That is why it is not surprising that many people are signing up for this program across the country. Indeed. Between 12 to 15 million Americans already joined this program and have their free cell phone. Those people are now having a phone to keep them in contact with their families, help them to find work as well as other various things that require communications nowadays.

The question now is, how can you get one? Here’s how.

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How to get one

First thing first, makes sure that you are eligible for this program. Yes, you need to meet the general eligibility requirement for Lifeline Assistance. Don’t worry. You can check your eligibility on our other pages. In general, there are two eligibility criteria, government based and income based. You just need to meet one of them to get your free cell phone.

Secondly, find the phone provider in your state as well as the state’s eligibility requirements. You should also find out more about the provider as well. This is important so that you know their plans, specific availability and how you can contact them. Keep in mind that while the Lifeline Assistance program provides parameters for those providers to follow, phone choices and plans often vary substantially from one provider to another.

Lastly, if you already decided which provider is the right one for you, enroll. You can do it either by phone or the company’s website. After you enrolled, just wait for your phone to arrive in your mail. Keep in mind that it can take a week to several weeks.

If you want to read more information about free government cell phone, you can read them at http://lifelineservice4u.com/

Recently, we have known that there are some debates between FDA and one of the professors from the University of Illinois named Tobacman argued that carrageenan can harm organ because it causes inflammatory disease. He got the result or the conclusion from the research in carrageenan application to the animal. Some people that still enjoy consuming yoghurt, almond milk and other dairy products will find the deeper research to follow the conclusion. For some people that stick to health food science will directly avoid foods that have carrageenan for the additive. The reason why people use to debate on this carrageenan is because both of sides believe their arguments. We should have made it clear because everyone has its argument. We just don’t need to interrupt on someone’s belief like this food. Why does this debate come crazier?

Tough debate


One side believes that when there is no proof for carrageenan effect to human’s health, they will keep going to consume. One side that goes with the animal result is more than enough to avoid this carrageenan. What is carrageenan? Let’s be back to the basic question. If some pro-carrageenan makes it back to the question, they might win because carrageenan is the extract of seaweed that can be used for emulsifying foods. It’s clearly natural ingredients that we should not worry about that. It’s as MSG from fermented fish in Japan. The difference is only in the source and the function. If it comes back to the food science and how to prevent things, Tabocman as the one that made a petition for FDA to ban carrageenan might win because food in this era needs exact research as one of the best sources to recommend and avoid foods. As we are an independent eater, it’s better to take the action by ourselves and go back to the principals we have made for picking foods.

Okay, so you have a bad credit score and you need a loan, ASAP. What should you go? You know that going to the banks are pointless. Your efforts will be vain because there is no way that they are going to give you a loan with such kind of credit score. Moreover, you only need a short-term loan which isn’t exactly the specification of the work from the banks. So, what should you do?

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The Online Solution

You can always go to the online loan service which provides bad credit loan, meaning that they can provide a loan for you without even looking at your credit score condition or history. No matter how bad or good your credit score is, they will give you the loan as long as you meet their requirements.

Basically, the online loan provider isn’t the one giving you the loan. They are the middle man, connecting you and the actual lender. These providers have a seriously wide network of lenders and they will connect you with one of those lenders. if a lender is interested, they will give you the requirements and details of the repayment, interest rate, and such thing alike. If you agree to those terms, then a deal is signed and the money will be transferred to your bank account.

The Perks and Careful Considerations

There are a lot of benefits of having this kind of loan. One of which is the freedom from any credit score concern and such thing alike. Not to mention that everything is managed through the online system which makes it fast and simple.

However, you need to know that such service will charge you a high-interest rate – higher than the regular rates set by the banks. You need to be able to pay the loan plus the interest rate. If you can’t do it. it is better that you don’t use this type of loan.

People who are trying to lose weight must be familiar with Phen375, the popular diet supplement. If you’ve ever come across Phen375 when looking up ways to lose weight on the internet, you must be wondering if the claims of the product being effective are true. Does Phen375 really work? How can Phen375 help you to lose weight? Let’s decode the secret behind Phen375 effectiveness and see Phen375 reviews here on phentemine735guide.com.

Phen375 is basically a fat burner and appetite suppressant. Marketed as the premier diet pills, Phen375 meets the FDA standards, making it a safe over the counter diet supplement. Phen375 contains legal ingredients similar to what is found in PhenQ and is designed to control one’s appetite and increase one’s metabolism for greater fat loss. Combined with a proper diet and a consistent workout plan, Phen 375 can be your secret for weight loss.

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Being able to control your appetite is often the deciding factor of whether or not your weight loss program succeeds. Hunger pangs actually occur for only a couple of minutes, but most people easily give in to the temptation to gulp down some foods. You need help in suppressing your urges to eat between meals, and this is when Phen375 comes to your rescue.

The diet supplement helps you control your appetite better without leaving you in a tired and weak state because it makes your metabolism operates faster at the same time. Slow metabolism is also often the culprit of weight gain, and speeding up your metabolic rate can result in a slimmer yet energetic you. By taking Phen375 on a regular basis, you help make your metabolism as efficient as possible while controlling your appetite at the same time, all without feeling tired or weak at all.

Archery recently increases its popularity. It is because there are already many persons have proved that it is mentally and physically good for them. Even, now there are children who do the archery among their schedules. Archery is a sport that requires you physical strength as well as your strategy and focus. Hence, both your mental and physical aspects are employed at the same time.

Archery itself is not only beneficial for the kids, yet the sport is also recommended for adults. Here are the advantages of doing archery based on the two main aspects.



There are several requirements for doing archery. They are a strategy, focus, and the patience or calmness. Although you need to release your anxious, you still have to build your concentration. Therefore, for your mental health, archery is good for building tactics, building your confidence, and increasing your focus. Because your brain keeps active and challenged, it will influence towards your activities outside the archery.


Although it seems that the main body part that being active are your arms, you should have stable postures. Physically, the archery is good to train your motor skills, especially for kids. Therefore, people who regularly take the archery lesson will have better body control and coordination. As the bonus, your physical strength will increase naturally.

From only several meetings, you will see the difference within yourself. The archery is very good to prevent your body from weakening. For adults, it is beneficial to avoid from mental issues and brain degenerative problems.

If you have not found the reachable archery lesson for you or your children, you can contact us. Contact us from our website in  archerylessons.info for more information. We have reachable contact and representatives in many cities.

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You have never tried meditation before but you are curious about the many positive benefits of meditation. You are worried that meditation will be too hard for you; that it will be overwhelming and too much. Don’t worry, meditation isn’t as scary as you think. It is supposed to help you feel better and improve your inner strength; not stressing you out. Of course, you should find a reliable and trusted source so you can only gain the best advantages from this mind-consoling practice.

 Starting out


Never underestimate the correct method and technique of meditation because this is the crucial step. Sure, it may seem like closing your eyes and breathe but there are more to it than what meets the eye. If you are new to this, you should know that there are meditation techniques for beginners that should be done correctly so you can enjoy the best gain. If you do it properly, you should be able to feel the results in only several attempts.

Don’t worry, there is a coach that will accompany and guide you through the process. Starting out won’t be as difficult as you think. You only need to sit down and find your comfortable position. You will be then guided to learn about a better focus of mind, a better breathing control, and so much more.

My first experience with meditation was a bit chaotic because my mind was wandering off. I was thinking about the grocery list, about my childhood, and about the things I had to do the following weeks. But with the guidance of the coach, I could put a better focus on the present.

You will probably experience the same thing like I did, which is pretty normal for a first timer. But you will learn to have a better focus and you will learn about putting the right things in your perspective. Try it and you won’t regret it.

What to Install: Solar Panels or Wind Turbines?


Households are basically reliant on energy for electricity, and most of the energy used is still generated from coal and gas. The renewable energy sources are becoming more popular and green electrical companies such as First Choice Electric Company have great offers of green power plan, but it is still a long way until we all can move to green power. However, it does not mean that we can’t make alternative energy choices right at our own home. Here’re the most popular ways of switching to green power at home.

Installing solar panels

Converting lights into electricity seems to be the most popular. The sun is plentifully available in most places, and installing solar panels is still the most cost effective amongst the renewable energy sources although the price for solar panels varies significantly. In a state that gets a lot of sunshine, the solar panel system of a house can pay for itself in about three years upon the installation, which means long-term savings for the homeowner. There are three different types of solar panel systems, and your green electrical supplier, First Choice Electric Company,  could make recommendations on which best suits your home.

Installing wind turbines

Wind power has higher initial costs than the solar power, and it is the second most popular choice of renewable energy sources. Turbines are used to harness the wind in order to generate enough energy power, and since these wind turbines tend to be very large, wind power is best generated in remote areas which are also very windy. It is still possible for homeowners to purchase smaller-scale wind turbines and install them on their home. However, the energy power generated may not be enough to independently power their home since the wind power is rather inconsistent in most areas of the world.


When you heard that carrageenan danger, you might believe it instantly, especially if you did not know what carrageenan is. The lack of knowledge about carrageenan makes people have thewrong assumption about it. The rumor about the carrageenan should be straightened because it will make the commercial products loose trust from the public because many companies use it as the additional ingredients for several products.

Is carrageenan safe?

Well, we could answer that question for your officially, that carrageenan is safe. If you want to see themore reliable source, it is available in many references. On the other hands, a lot of references in magazines and on the internet which caution consumers against the consumption of carrageenan spread freely. They headlines on the magazines and on the internet are usually about the concerns of the potential for gastrointestinal effects and it include malignancies. The cautions happen because of the conclusions of a literature review by Dr. Joanne Tobacman and published in Environmental Health Perspectives in October 2001. Lucky, the recent information about carrageenan has been straightened by Joint FAO/Who Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) which should allay your concerns about consumption of carrageenan.

Then, the JECFA concluded that there is no concern to continued consumption of carrageenan and assigned it to the group “Acceptable Daily Intake – not specified. Carrageenan has been classified and it is used when the JECFA has determined that a food additive does not represent a hazard to health. It means that carrageenan is allowed to be used as the additive ingredient at the level necessary to achieve the technical or functional effect in food. It is referred to as the level of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The complete report of this review has been made publicly since 2003.

12Do you like playing chess and you have no idea what to buy? You are right visiting here because we all have a deep review on every kind of chess table that is available in stores. Playing chess can sharpen your mind because it is strong mind game that not all people can enjoy playing it. Even there has been world chess championship that everyone can join to feel the tense atmosphere when it has been on competition whether it is for school or professional event. The problem comes when you have to choose one of them because we all know that it will be boring to choose the chess set when we have no idea to buy which one. Sometimes, we have to think twice over and over again to ensure that our choice is right in buying right chess. So here we have tips and things to consider the right chess table for your hobby. Check this out.


The first thing to consider is the size. It is great to have chess coffee table proper size when we are going to play the chess. Size is important because it can influence the reach and how far you can reach the pieces and the troops to play. Sometimes we don’t need to worry when we have chosen the right size and when it needs team play, it will not take more problems because the size of the chess is big enough. The second thing to see is the material. We all have to know the material offered when we are in store. There are at least three kinds of common materials you can choose from metal chess until marble chess. It depends on the taste and wishes to have it. Metal is tough, but it does not have a classic look as marble chess. Moreover, the metal one is just casual chess. Another material is wooden that you might not like.