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Runescape has been one of the most played web-based games for many years. It has tons of players in it which makes this game survives despite of the rise of many new games these days. Runescape itself is a MMORPG game which takes place on the medieval age. The main selling point of this game is that it is web based which means we don’t have to download anything to start playing this game. Suspecting the graphics to be sucked just like other web-based games? Well, it is not true since Runescape has a decent graphic as a web-based game which makes this worth to be tried.


However, being the best on this game is not easy. Runescape Gold is one of the aspects that make players frustrated since it is quite hard to gather gold in the early game. Gold in Runescape is very necessary to keep advancing on this game since we are able to get some expensive materials or even super-expensive weapons. Those stuffs will be extremely useful when it comes to defeat super-hard bosses because those basses need to be slain with stronger DPS, tank, and healer and this is where powerful weapons are irreplaceable.

Buy with Real Money

Should we always be left behind with all the veterans in this game? Nope, the fact is that we are able to keep pace with those Runescape old dwellers by buying gold with real money. Yes, it is true that we will certainly get more fun by getting stronger in the early game although we are still new on the game. Some websites do provide the service to exchange gold with real money where some of that website offers a very generous price whereas some others offer an expensive price. If we are looking for the cheap one with numerous of buyers, then we should visit

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