Volume lashes have become a new alternative and method in beauty industry to improve one’s performance and look without overdoing it. Over the years, women have had this concern about perfection, and eyelashes have become one of the main concerns. And with these volume eyelashes, the mystery and complication have been solved.


The History

Volume eyelashes extensions were first introduced in the 2013 by Russian master lash experts; that’s why this treatment is also called as Russian Volume. Since then, volume eyelashes have created a big fuss, especially in Hollywood. Celebrities and world stars want to get their hands on the treatment, so they can achieve this glam, superb, and fantastic, yet natural look.

Technology in Volume Lashes

So what makes this procedure different from the previous alternatives, anyway? In the classic treatment, the main focus is to lengthen your short eyelashes and that’s all. In the new volume eyelashes extension, however, the focus isn’t only about length, but also volume and thickness. You will be surprised to find out that most women undergoing the volume eyelashes procedure already have long eyelashes, but their eyelashes lack of volume, texture, and depth.

Unlike the classic eyelash extension, volume extension uses less adhesive but with more extensions. You see, in the classic extension, the expert only applies one extension to one natural lash. But in volume eyelashes, the expert applies several extensions to one natural lash, creating heavier, richer, and thicker result. However, such procedure won’t create fake or unnatural effect at all, as long as you consult the professional expert for the procedure.


Keep in mind, though, that you really need to ask for help from credible eyelash artist to have this procedure done to you. And the total cost isn’t cheap, but you can expect long lasting and natural effect in the end.

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