It is time to learn about gaming reviews PS4. 2014 was a pretty good year for Sony. PlayStation 4 newly released November 2013 and continued to show its fangs just this year with sales figures that have touched more than 10 million units. The glories of the new console unfortunately quite make the flame of its predecessor; the PlayStation 3 is getting dimmer. This may be a sign to time we all move on to the latest console generation.


If you still feel hesitant to move to PS4, no need to worry, because in addition to the PS4 next year will have a strong game lineup list, this console also has a remarkable collection of games in 2014. Having spoken well by the team in the Asian Games,

Grand Theft Auto series full of controversy that each release is always a concern both among the game lovers and people who are strangers from the gaming industry. After the old console was released to two years ago, this game was re-released back in 2014 for PS4 and Xbox One. Interestingly, not only provide visual enhancement course, Rockstar is also giving a new feature that allows players to play GTA V from a first person perspective. Sounds simple but it really gives the impression of a huge new to this game.

If you previously finished GTA V on PS3 or Xbox 360 may play a re-GTA V in PS4 is not a thing that you have to prioritize. But if you’ve played this game hundreds of hours, and still actively move in GTA Online, playback GTA V in the PS4 is a mandatory thing you did.

If you start to feel annoyed because the first two games that we discussed were mastered from the game last generation, endure first (to exclusive games on this list there are only two). Although it is a mastered, the quality of The Last of Us was very nice to be the reason we chose to enter this game. Plus The Last of Us Remastered bundled with a variety of previously released DLC on PS3 separately from the main game.

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