The history of the Mahjong games

Do you know where the Mahjong game comes from? Well, this game recently becomes the famous. The original game of the Mahjong comes from the China. However, now many people can play this game although they are in the China. How come? This is because the Mahjong game can be played through the internet in this modern era. So, wherever you are, you can play this game as long as there is the internet connection. You can use the mobile phone or the computer to play this game.

downloadable Mahjong games 11

There are lots of Mahjong games you can play. One best site you can choose as your choice to get the Mahjong game application is So, when you are going download the game application freely, you can type the address site of There are many kinds of the games you can choose there. Visiting this site directly also can give you the benefit that is you can avoid the spam site that is useless.

Some variations of mahjong games

As you know that there are lots of mahjong games, many people have the large option to choose the best game you like. Besides, you will not be bored playing the game that is in variation type. The followings are some variations mahjong games:

  • The first one is the mahjong game that is from the China. This game is based on the China rule in playing it. There is the standardization of the China mahjong game so this game is played in the international competition.
  • Then, the second one is Hong Kong mahjong game. This is the second famous game after the China game.
  • The third is the game that is from the America. There is the American league to make the completion of this game.
  • The last one is the mahjong from Taiwanese and Japanese. You can learn this game type through the video that is on the internet.

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