You have to admit that there are loads of different music websites or blogs with different contents. If you are into music so much, having those music websites can really help enhancing your music knowledge and skills. Among many music websites on the net, then Popify is worth checking out. If you want to know the latest trend in the industry – as well as learning the most current updates (or even gossips and rumors) about your favorite singers – feel free to drop by at this site.

Professional Look


Popify is basically similar to other music blogs/sites. You can find various contents with various themes and topics. This is a site that covers many different music genres, so you can find different artists with different news here. For instance, you can read about the latest news of Adele for the pop music industry, or you can find videos from Kanye West from the hip hop section. This site discusses everything happening in the music industry, so you will definitely get the most recent updates and news.

The Features

Management and arrangement are quite nice, so all the files are easily found and accessed. The site definitely employs user friendly system, so taking a look around the site is very nice and simple. There is no complicated operation. The sections are all well placed and laid out. Browsing and even sharing the contents are made simple and very easy.


It seems that Popify is relatively new, so there are some flaws that are worth noticing and improving. The contents are not as many as I hope, but I guess they will change or improve soon. It would be nice if there are more news and updates about the artists, so I won’t have to see the same repetition of news on the sections.

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