Through the past decade, the gaming industry has been undergoing a great change on themultiplayer format. From the traditional offline two-player games, now there are already many online multiplayer games. Final Fantasy XIV is one of them and it takes the extremely fine graphics and smooth animations that are already implemented in its predecessors to the web platform. In this game, players can fight enemies together, have a battle against one another, and create a guild like in any other multiplayer online games. The annoying part of the game is to collect the virtual money, called Gil, and save up for awesome items, which are expensive.


Making use of Gil Sellers

Due to that difficulty, now there are FFXIV Gil sellers anywhere on the internet. However, players have to avoid sellers that are actually only a fraudster and do not give any Gils after someone transfer his/her money. is one of the best Gil sellers that can be found on the internet. The website is different than other sellers because its Gil stock is fully earned by playing the game as well. This way, FF XIV players can be convinced about the website’s authenticity.

Methods of Transaction

Another thing that makes reputable is how it handles its customers. The website’s staffs show every process of thetransaction to all of their customers. The most preferred way is to meet with a representative inside the game and do the deal at the same place. suggests this method since it is the most transparent and direct transaction that its staffs can do. Otherwise, customers can ask their Gils to be transferred through the market board or FC chest. If they want a valuable item, they can ask to buy the item for them immediately.

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