Enjoying playing a little bit of music while traveling on your own? Spending most of your times on the road and hoping your musical instrument remain intact and well preserved? Enjoying playing a little tune while hoping that your musical instruments will be left unharmed? It all takes a little bit of efforts of finding which musical instrument suits you and which brand you should pick. If you pick the guitar, then having Martin backpacker guitar is definitely a must.

martin backpacker 9

About the Guitar

When it comes to Martin backpacker variants, there are some choices that you can consider about. Almost all the guitars from Martin have the storage bags, and they’re not just bags; they are also designed for traveling. You can imagine the quality of the bags when they are also made for easy mobility and transportation.

The Steel String Backpacker

Among the many types of Martin guitar available for purchase, the steel string backpacker variant is definitely different. The design alone is different from the regular and classic Martin acoustic guitar. Because of the quality, the price is quite pricey (for a guitar, anyway). It is sold for around $350, but when you buy from certain suppliers or stores like Amazon, you can get a very nice price cut to almost half, so you only need to spend around $170 to $180.

Having this guitar has its own pride and benefits, especially if you are into music so much. It is made of wood and yet the shape and design is quite modern – it almost looks like an electric guitar. You can bet that this one comes with high quality as it is made of solid spruce top, along with the tonewood sides and also back. It also has unique and distinctive contour neck shape that will make it different from any other guitars you know.

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