If you are planning to assemble Computers certainly miss going whose name speakers for your entertainment all night while doing a particular activity. Well in this article will be discussed on how to select and care for speakers that you have purchased in order to remain durable and keep it nice and clear voice over a relatively long time

Tips for Selecting Speakers for PC (Personal Computer), you:

Adjust your needs when buying speakers

Maximize existing Budget

To limited funding and advance

When buying note the high and low frequencies, not just bass tested

Select the subwoofer speaker membrane material that layers of rubber or elastic

Select materials from wood acoustic okay and also needs eye catchy appearance

You should choose Q Acoustics

Quality sub woofer / speakers can be seen from the difference a good bass sound reproduction, note the type of bass drum sound out of the speakers following DUB…! Or DUNGGG..!

Q Acoustics

at the time of strong volume (surround mode off) distinguish the sound of a bass drum that can only sound one wrote and able to vibrate … nah chest when the surround mode on, the bass drum effects vibrant / sustain rather long and tend to sound no.1 + 2 almost simultaneously and that the speakers are okay

Do not select if the surround mode off but his voice tends no.2 wrote or worse there is vibration on the speakers even a bit broken – do not choose who it

Please use speaker volume testing full 100% but the volume of the music software sought be not exceed 75% and the equalizer settings do not be over.

Active Speaker Care

Volume Software music player (JETAUDIO, etc.) not more than 75%, if you want toned voice boomed – harden your speaker volume may be up to full 100%

Speaker ability recognizes your specific decibel limit, default software settings that are enough to produce a sound that bad.

If you need a certain decibel level adjustment, please use the auto tuner or preset that provided software, for example: pop, rock, jazz, etc. if still not please plus BBE effects viva, Wide, Reverb, Surround, etc. To the already advanced / proficient please manually change your equalizer and do not damage your ears, especially for your TV.

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