Assurance Wireless

What do I already get?

Basically, the assurance wireless will gives you approximately 250 minutes and full of unlimited texts on plans. The special case happens when you use the assurance wireless in California, where the talk on text on your assurance will be unlimited. Sounds pretty good, right? But what will you do if you already run out of minutes even before the end of the month? Although the offer of 250 – 500 minutes of calls and the unlimited text each month is already generous enough but I guess there are going to be times when you feels that it is just not enough. The moments when you already used of the whole minutes but you still need to make important phone calls. Lucky for you, now I will tell you some of possible ways to add more of minutes or might be data to your phone.

The best solutions for you

Pay your extra minute with just ten cents. After the monthly minutes is already used, you couldn’t receive any kind of incoming calls and you are also make the outgoing calls except the emergency 911 and the Assurance Wireless customer support itself. The different situation will be happen if you still have more of bucks on your account, you just have to pay 10 cents per minutes. If you don’t want to waste more of your money then you have a chance and advantage to upgrading your free assurance wireless plan. You can still increase your monthly airtime even if you are on the tight budget because there are several of affordable options available for you. $5 Talk Offer which means you only have to add $5 more per month to get the additional of 250 voice minutes. $30 Unlimited Talk, Text and Web Offer, you will get unlimited voice minutes and unlimited data access at the same time. If you want to learn more about the Assurance Wireless, you can check on

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