From the website about the carrageenan, you may mention that it is known as the food ingredient as the stabilizers. The stabilizer is one of the carrageenan functions which people use regularly. As astabilizer, you may need to know how it works on what ingredients.

Using carrageenan as stabilizer

Carrageenan is known as the versatile product. It can be used for a variety food. You could use it for ice cream and other dairy products, syrups, and lunch meats.


Then, carrageenan can be used to improve the sustainability. It is good for theprofile of dietary supplements and non-food applications, such as personal care, pharmaceuticals, and industrial uses. The carrageenan is derived from nature. It could replace the animal-based products, like gelatin in soft capsules in pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and dietary supplements, and petrochemicals in paints and varnishes, cosmetics and lotions, reducing the volatile organic content (VOC) levels. Then, the carrageen can be used to improve the manufacturing process efficiency and stability of toothpaste.

Besides that, the carrageen is able to be added to foods. It is safe and efficient to stabilize food. It enables foods to be produced with lower levels of fats and sugars. It also enables in processing extend theshelf life of food without loss of quality and it could reduce the food waste. Then, it could enable recipes which eliminate the need for refrigeration and reducing the consumption of electricity and fossil fuels during the transportation while on the store shelves.

The carrageenan can be used as athickening agent and it is often used in the same way ingredients, such as flour, cornstarch, and tapioca which are used to thicken or bind other ingredients. The carrageenan has been used in the kitchen of Ireland for more than hundreds years.


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