The process to register emotional support dog isn’t difficult at all, but it does take time to check on your profile and the requirements. You can also register our own pet for this program, but it will definitely take time as your pets will have to go through training period. Nevertheless, if you want to register emotional support animal program, you need to qualify to get such assistance.

Emotional Support Animal Program

Basically, people suffering from mental disorder or instability need companions, but often times, having human companionship is too much and too complicated. That’s why the ESA (Emotional Support Animal) program is created because animals are often viewed as the perfect candidate. They are supportive and helpful. They care and compassionate. They don’t demand much and they don’t talk much either. Based on studies and researches, people with emotional disorder are often helped with the animals. Naturally, the animals have undergone intensive training before they can totally function.


ESA Letter

Often times, these people need to have ESA letter that proves their disabilities since not many establishments or public facilities accept animals. When you have to use the airplane, often times the animals have to be put in a kennel; not in the cabin. But when you have the letter, which has legal binding power, you can take along your animal assistant with you.

The letter should include:

  • The information about your disability and its relation to mental health.
  • The information about the important of the ESA for your treatment, including the well being and health of the patient. People with mental disorder can endanger themselves as well as others.
  • The information about the person issuing the letter, such as the psychiatrist or psychologist. They should be licensed medical practitioners because their credibility will be checked by the officials.
  • The details about the medical professionals’ health, such as the state, the type, the date, etc.

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