Men are not a detail person. When they have to use glasses, they usually will put it off and put in anywhere. They do not have a great management to place it in the right place. Sometimes, when they are in hurry, they will forget their glasses and suddenly it is already broken because someone sits it. Therefore, Zic Folding Reading Glasses tries to understand and make a fabulous design of mens reading glasses.

mens reading glasses

Portable and Simple

The first thing that men should consider about their glasses is its design. Men’s Reading Glasses do not need to be stylish, but strong. Therefore, Zic Folding Reading Glasses are very suit with their need. It keeps up to 175oC and without damage or warping. The frames help the lenses to stay strong and cannot get scratch. It is a very smart and amazing design ever.  The frames are made from rods and it is a transparent thermoplastic material. It is a kind of polyamide polymer, which makes the frame extremely strong. It is also will not breakage because the frames will pop out under strain. You need to clip the frames back on to avoid someone breaks your glasses. The lenses are certified by CERTOTTICA, which means that these glasses have a hard quality.

You will have red, dark blue, white, and black, light blue, pink, green, and yellow. All of them are in the same price of €29.99. The dioptric range of it is +1.00 to +3.50. You can pay it by pay pall if you do not have credit card or master card. All the easy steps are provided for you as customers. If you want to buy Men’s Reading Glasses online, you can get it exclusively from reading glasses UK, which has highly advance technique in the process of making it.

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