Maintaining our body’s health is one of the most important aspects in living our everyday life. In these recent years, it has been often associated with doing workouts and going to the gym. However, sometimes we forget that it is not just physical activities that matters to how our body performs its job. The food that we consume gives an impact that is not less great than body exercises. Another misconception that some of us believe is that controlling food is only necessary for women. In fact, men also need it as much as women do in order to keep their body healthy. The following are some tips for men’s diet, or what is called régime homme in French.


Afternoon snack

Why afternoon? People commonly eat three times a day during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The time gap between lunch and dinner, however, is the longest. Because of this, some people tend to demand more food at the dinner time due to the accumulated hunger during the afternoon. Dinner, nevertheless, should be less filling than lunch since most people do not have any heavy activities afterwards. In order to control your hunger, some light snacks in the afternoon are a good option. One must remember that the snacks have to be low in calorie, such as an apple or a handful of almonds.

Smaller portion, more plates

That must sound quite paradoxical, but if you decrease the regular eating courses in a day as much as 300 calories per meal, you can have some snacks without adding more calories than your regular three-meals usually do.


Being selective in choosing the time to eat actually works in diet. Skipping lunch can be done, but during the afternoon or on the evening all of your meals have to be controlled. Pick the kinds of food that only give the necessary nutrition to fulfill the ones you do not get during lunchtime.

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