This Venus Factor Review comes from Lisa. She is a mother and could be a good explain of the result from this workout video. Every woman could have a chance to get pregnant. However, not many people like the after effect of pregnancy, which is fat. Lisa gained weight until about 200 pounds when she was pregnant. Technically, it would be hard for her to lose weight. The dream to be slim again is nearly impossible if she does not do much. But, the Venus factor could be the solution for the issue which people like Lisa has.


The struggle after pregnancy

Lisa is only one of many women who have weight problem after being pregnant. She was 200 pounds after giving birth to a child. Being 200 pounds woman, it was not very easy for Lisa. She possibly suffered mentally and physically. Mentally, she did not have confident she had negative self-image issue because of her weight. In the other hands, her health was not very good because she was overweight.


The shame covered Lisa completely which made her did not want to go outside even she did not like eating or ordering food from the restaurant. Mentally, she was not in good condition. It is not normal for a person feels bad about his or her body shape. Unfortunately, Lisa was in damage physically too. The overweight could cause her many kinds of diseases even the chronic ones. It is also known as one of the biggest causes of death.

The Venus factor worked Lisa. Now, her weight is 147 pounds. Genetically, Lisa lives in the overweight family. Fortunately, the result for using Venus factor is very effective even in the worst condition, like “bad genetic”. If Lisa is a success, it could do too for us.

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