In many cases, it is the mother who initiates conducting paternity DNA testing for her child. Do you think why it is so? When a couple have a baby, the father has to take responsibilities of the child, financially and emotionally if it is possible. The man should give child support and care to his little one so the child can grows normally, even though the parents are divorced or are not married. Through DNA testing, a mother can have a very strong and legal evidence to ask for the support and other rights her kid should get.


Logically speaking, it is not only the mother who needs to conduct paternity DNA testing; the father should think about it too. You have to think positively, but there is a possibility that the child the father gives support is not his son or daughter, right? Manipulation can happen at any time, so consider these reasons to do paternity DNA testing, Dads:

Avoiding false child support

The laws tell fathers to pay child support for the child who is theirs. It means that if the child is proven not to be his, the father has no responsibilities to do so. If you think the child is not yours because you are not married with the mother or she has more than one partner, a legal DNA testing should be conducted. Once you get the result, you can be sure that it is your child and you are ready to be responsible for him or her.

Husbands and fathers need protection

They are physically strong, but it does not mean they do not need protection. There are many cases when a father or husband are deceived by somebody telling that he or she is his child, fraudulent child support claims. Paternity DNA testing can be a good way to check whether the claim is right. Protect yourself, dear fathers!

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