Recently, we have known that there are some debates between FDA and one of the professors from the University of Illinois named Tobacman argued that carrageenan can harm organ because it causes inflammatory disease. He got the result or the conclusion from the research in carrageenan application to the animal. Some people that still enjoy consuming yoghurt, almond milk and other dairy products will find the deeper research to follow the conclusion. For some people that stick to health food science will directly avoid foods that have carrageenan for the additive. The reason why people use to debate on this carrageenan is because both of sides believe their arguments. We should have made it clear because everyone has its argument. We just don’t need to interrupt on someone’s belief like this food. Why does this debate come crazier?

Tough debate


One side believes that when there is no proof for carrageenan effect to human’s health, they will keep going to consume. One side that goes with the animal result is more than enough to avoid this carrageenan. What is carrageenan? Let’s be back to the basic question. If some pro-carrageenan makes it back to the question, they might win because carrageenan is the extract of seaweed that can be used for emulsifying foods. It’s clearly natural ingredients that we should not worry about that. It’s as MSG from fermented fish in Japan. The difference is only in the source and the function. If it comes back to the food science and how to prevent things, Tabocman as the one that made a petition for FDA to ban carrageenan might win because food in this era needs exact research as one of the best sources to recommend and avoid foods. As we are an independent eater, it’s better to take the action by ourselves and go back to the principals we have made for picking foods.

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