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SoundCloud enables anyone to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created sounds across the web. Founded in 2008, SoundCloud is based in Berlin, with offices in London, San Francisco and Sofia.

SoundCloud unfortunately doesn’t offer a simple way to link people directly to the download of your track. There is a way you can get around this though. You can link people to the download by adding ‘/download’ to the end of the track’s url. For example: When sharing this link, it’s smart to use a link shortener and to track how often (and from where) it’s getting clicked.

This can be done using services like:,, or I recommend using for all your shortening services. Set up an account there. It’s an awesome site. On all of the available players, I suggest that you display the artwork as it gives you a chance to do some visual branding. Also, I recommend you disable the ‘play automatically’ function. People tend to get annoyed when sounds are triggered immediately when they access a website.

Last Thoughts

The tips and strategies outlined in this guide should help you successfully promote your music on SoundCloud. The key is to stay diligent and disciplined about maintaining your account and, of course, to upload great content in the first place. If you liked this guide, you’re in luck! I’ve compiled all my SoundCloud knowledge into a book containing even more insider tricks and tips than the ones we’ve discussed here.

Promote Your Want

This guide will give help you promote your artist’s sounds, example with SoundCloud, enabling you to: Service sounds to media and blogs, embed SoundCloud players on your websites and social networks, incorporate audio in your marketing strategy, engage the SoundCloud community and your artist’s fan base and gain campaign insights through our statistics tools.

If that was not all to bring a smile to your face, you can even buy SoundCloud followers easily.

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