WhatsApp is a messaging service which is used widely by nearly a billion people in around the world. As an app, WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform service which enables us to send messages without ever having to pay for a text message fee. WhatsApp Messenger uses data plan just like BlackBerry Messenger or Line. We can use it either with 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection. With WhatsApp, we can do a lot of things besides online chatting, such as exchanging photos, sharing files, and many others.

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Initially, WhatsApp was designed for iPhone users. However, now we can install WhatsApp on mobile devices with Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and even Symbian as operation system.

There are some benefits if we install Whatsapp Messenger to our phones Although there are a lot of messaging services out there, WhatsApp is one of the few which gives us a lot of advantages

Phonebook Synchronization

When we register ourselves, we don’t need to input usernames or real names. Instead, we are asked to provide phone number. The number is used as our ID in WhatsApp. WhatsApp works just like SMS. Our phonebook contacts automatically appear on our WhatsApp contacts. This is because they are synchronized. When we send someone a message on WhatsApp and the person does not have us on his phonebook, our number will appear instead, just like a text message.

Message Status

The Messenger will show us the status for each instant message we find. There is a different symbol for each status, such as sent, received, and read. We can also see the last login time of our WhatsApp contact.

File Sharing

It is easy to exchange files on WhatsApp, such as pictures, audio, and even location. The process is simple and practical. All of those attachments will appear as messages instead of links.


WhatsApp also offers stickers or emoticons to make our chats livelier. We can choose from a wide range of emoji such as smiley faces, things, weathers, and even animals and flags.

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