The survey is sometimes important to do when the company or organization want to take a decision. Even when you just want to make the simple survey, you have to know the step in doing it. Survey Rock tries to understand your need. It also gives free online survey for you. You do not need to worry because of it is available in more than 200 language and countries. Therefore, you can make your own survey in your country’s language.


Question Types from Survey Rock

Well, it is the other important part to think on the survey.the question types should be in well consider. Survey Rock has prepared some of the question types. They are multiple choice, textbox, a textbox with multiple lines, number box, text area box, matrix table, and rating scale. How are about the randomized multiple-choice options? Well. You can avoid the result, which is not good for your survey result, such as the respondent who always clicks the first choice.

Survey Rock also has Page Path and Question Path to help you make the scenario for the visitors. You can give them thank you word in the end of their participation. By Survey Rock only, you can create a distributor link with its custom URL. You can change the link into something that more understanding. You also will get the result of your survey as soon as possible. You do not have to wait until tomorrow to get the result. You also can share the result and filter the participant. You just need to activate the filters and start to filter your visitors. It is possible for you to print the survey result and you can change your survey theme so that it would be more interesting to look. Sign up now!

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