From the start, Phoenix SEO Company has made a clear statement that they cannot do all the work that we want. It is obvious that we should be able to require of the criteria to get the service. Generally, this SEO Company wants to say that they do want to work with new company. On the other words, they cannot help to build the company. Their purpose on the job is to help develop the business. Therefore, they need some requirement to make the deal with clients. Besides that, it helps to clear the deal between them and client.


Refusal proposal

Before we purpose to work with Phoenix SEO Company, we should not be on the list of the company that will be refused. From the requirement, this SEO Company says clearly that they cannot work with new company who does not have base in business. The job of the SEO Company is not making mission and vision for the company. They cannot be the ones who set the goal for our company. Their real job is to help us develop our goal or to reach the goal which we have set.

Then, this SEO Company cannot help us if we want to get the profit from the business fast. From, Get Rich Quick schemes will not be the work that they do. The scenario to get rich can be the goal. But, we will still need process to get it. This SEO Company has said the reality in business. The big result will not come in such a short time.

Moreover, this SEO Company will not work together with clients that do business in adult themed stuff. Sometimes, the adult theme stuff is illegal. Otherwise, it does not have wide range of customers. Therefore, it will be hard to be done well.

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