Slotomania is one of the most popular casino slots games you could ever play on Android or iOS, as well as on Facebook. The game itself features more than a hundred and forty different slots game for you to choose from, and the developer adds a new game into the mix regularly every two weeks as well. This means that whether you are new to Slotomania or whether you have been playing the game ever since it was first released, you can rest assured that the game will not bore you.


Like a conventional slots game, you need coins to play the games on Slotomania. You can get them for free simply by playing or logging in regularly or you can get them by making an in-app purchase, which will get you a lot of coins all at once that you can spend however you like on the game. But what if you do not want to or cannot afford to spend your real money on something as trivial as a mobile game? If you are looking for a way to get free Slotomania coins, then you are in luck because our team has developed the perfect tool for you.

In order to get free Slotomania coins, all you have to do is to download our hack tool and use it to generate all the free coins you have ever needed to play Slotomania however you like. This tool has been tested to be fully compatible with practically any device running on Android as well as iOS, so you do not have to worry about your phone not being supported by the hack. To get free Slotomania coins, input the amount of coins you want the hack to generate on the appropriate field, and that’s it!

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