What to Install: Solar Panels or Wind Turbines?


Households are basically reliant on energy for electricity, and most of the energy used is still generated from coal and gas. The renewable energy sources are becoming more popular and green electrical companies such as First Choice Electric Company have great offers of green power plan, but it is still a long way until we all can move to green power. However, it does not mean that we can’t make alternative energy choices right at our own home. Here’re the most popular ways of switching to green power at home.

Installing solar panels

Converting lights into electricity seems to be the most popular. The sun is plentifully available in most places, and installing solar panels is still the most cost effective amongst the renewable energy sources although the price for solar panels varies significantly. In a state that gets a lot of sunshine, the solar panel system of a house can pay for itself in about three years upon the installation, which means long-term savings for the homeowner. There are three different types of solar panel systems, and your green electrical supplier, First Choice Electric Company,  could make recommendations on which best suits your home.

Installing wind turbines

Wind power has higher initial costs than the solar power, and it is the second most popular choice of renewable energy sources. Turbines are used to harness the wind in order to generate enough energy power, and since these wind turbines tend to be very large, wind power is best generated in remote areas which are also very windy. It is still possible for homeowners to purchase smaller-scale wind turbines and install them on their home. However, the energy power generated may not be enough to independently power their home since the wind power is rather inconsistent in most areas of the world.

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