Before you switch to first choice energy, it is a good idea to know about the electricity plans available first. Here, we give you overviews about two of First Choice Power prepaid plans.

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Freedom from Weekend Fees and Long-Term Contracts

  • This plan costs 10.1 cents per kWh. It is a plan that will help you manage your energy usage as well as the budget with ease.
  • Your energy usage from 12:01 am on Saturday to 11:59 pm on Sunday is free since First Choice Power will pay for it.
  • Power your house without a deposit, long-term contract and credit check required.
  • Pay only for the energy you use, whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. You can do it in person, over the phone or online.
  • After 60 days on a Power-to-Go plan, First Choice Power gives you receive the option to switch to a special fixed-rate electricity plan.
  • Also, you will receive the ability to upgrade to a fixed-rate plan. All without paying any additional deposit with Deposit Freedom.
  • Enjoy 48 hours of free electricity with the prepaid plan.

Prepaid Electricity and Contract Freedom

  • This plan costs 10.0 cent per kWh. With the Power-to-Go Month-to-Month Plan, you can pay for your electricity usage, how and when you want it.
  • You can sign up today. No deposit, long-term contract and credit check required.
  • When it is time to make a payment for your account, the company will contact you via text message or e-mail. Which is very convenient as you will no longer miss the payment due to forgetting it.
  • With this plan, you will be able to turn your variable-rate plan into a fixed-rate plan, once you have been their customer for 60 days (other restrictions apply).
  • Take advantage of seasonal prices when they are low.

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