Horoscope is not only able to predict your future, there is more to it. Wait, what else? Well, it can also predict your dating life. What? Horoscope dates? Yes. You can know compatibility using zodiac. As we all know, there are 12 zodiacs. Each of these zodiacs falls under different modes and elements. These modes and elements are important in determining the zodiacs’ compatibility with each other. Okay, let’s start now.


There are 3 modes of expression. Each of them expresses different thing. The modes are mutable, fixed and cardinal. Mutability is about adaptation. Fixed is about strengthens and concentrates. Cardinal mode of expression is to get things started.



There are 4 elements in total. They are fire, earth, air and water. And again, each of them symbolizes different thing. Fire symbolizes action. Earth symbolizes stability. Air symbolizes intellect. Water symbolizes emotion.

The zodiacs

And here are the zodiacs, with their modes and elements:

  1. Aries. Mode: cardinal. Element: fire
  2. Taurus. Mode: fixed. Element: earth
  3. Gemini, Mode: Element: mutable air
  4. Cancer, Mode: cardinal. Element:   water
  5. Leo, Mode: fixed. Element: fire
  6. Virgo, Mode: mutable. Element: earth
  7. Libra, Mode: cardinal. Element: air
  8. Scorpio, Mode: fixed. Element: water
  9. Sagittarius, Mode: mutable. Element: fire
  10. Capricorn, Mode: cardinal. Element: earth
  11. Aquarius, Mode: fixed. Element: air
  12. Pisces, Mode: mutable. Element: water


If you’re looking for a date, your best choice will be someone with the same element. Why? Simple. Because people with the same element understand each other best. The opposite is also true. People with the different element are less likely to be compatible. Even less if their elements are opposite. But can I date with people with other elements? Yes, of course. Don’t worry. In astrology, there is no such a thing as incompatibility. Is that so? Yup. There is only more or less compatible. So, yes, you still have a chance dating people with a different element. Only it will need more efforts. What do you think? Isn’t it interesting? Well, who knew knowing someone’s zodiac can be useful.

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