The implementation of Romeo and Juliet laws is different in every state. Some states don’t apply the law at all. Some states require the victim’s age to be at least 14-years-old while some states require the offender’ age not to be more than 21. If you live in California, it doesn’t hurt to know Romeo and Juliet law California.


The Law in California

In California, there are some requirements so the law can be considered legal and valid. For instance, both of the victim and offenders should be minor. When the offender is more than 18-years-old, the law can’t be applied. The age difference between them should be three years, not more than that. The law itself can’t be used to exonerate the charge completely, but it can be used to reduce the sentence and charges. Instead of a felony, the offender will be charged with a misdemeanor. The reason for not knowing the victim’s age can sometimes be used but not always.


The Law in Texas

In Texas, the offender should be more than 17-years-old and the victim should be 15 years of age, at least. The age difference should be around 4 years, max. If the law is considered successful in the defense plea, the offender’s name won’t be included on the sex offender list. However, if there is a proceeding on the statutory rape charge, it will continue.

The Law in Ohio

In Ohio, the law can be applicable when the minors are in between 13 and 18 years of age. The age difference should be about 4 years, max. The law can limit the sentence to misdemeanor change and prevent any felony charge. However, the reason for not knowing the victim’s age can’t be applied here. That’s why it is important to consider getting professional legal help to deal with the issue.


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