serrurerie paris

It is like a new innovation in the field of the troubleshoot hardware service for what the SOS Habitat does. The service of the locksmith in Paris (serrurerie Paris)is not very common in other city. If we do know about this kind of service, we could still think that the locksmith service is about making key and fixing the door locks. What the SOS Habitat does is not any other locksmith. This company tries to help us to be aware of the home security systems. The home security can be done in simple way, such as the lock and key.

The service

The extraordinary service from the SOS Habitat is the guide and installment for home safety. The company helps to handle the troubleshooting locks for any brands of locks. This company usually handles the locks from with brand Vichetter, Muel, Bricord, Fichet, Securystar, Laperche, and Reelax. Besides the locks, we may also have problem with key. The staff from SOS Habitat is able to fix any type of key, from key, card, biometric, code, digital, or panic. The service is available 24 hours. We even can call in holidays and weekends.

The price

We might have seen the excellent service of the SOS Habitat staff in fixing lock and key. From that amazing service, we might think that it cost much money to use service. If we compare the service from other company, the price of the SOS Habitat is quite fair. Besides that, we will get guarantees if the locks or the keys which have been repaired are broken again. We will be not charged any money for the damage of the repairmen. If we look from the benefits of the service, the price of the SOS Habitat service is reasonable.

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