TracFone users are surely aware of the fact that this wireless service provider offers quite a lot of different TracFone promo codes, all of which are free for its users to use. Some of the promo codes do come with certain requirements and applicability, such as one that can only be used if you are using a 50 minutes card or a 400 minutes card, but they can all be used free of charge. If you have more than one TracFone promo codes, then you might want to know if you can test them easily to see if any one of them is applicable to your own prepaid number. You might think that testing all those TracFone promo codes, one by one, is a hassle, but the truth is testing multiple promo codes is something that is pretty simple for you to do.

While it is true that the promo codes offered by TracFone can be applied from both your own phone as well as through the website, when it comes to trying out and testing multiple TracFone promo codes, it is recommended that you do so using the website. Simply go to the official TracFone website and locate the Add Airtime button; clicking it will reveal a dropdown menu. Choose the Add Card Online option from this menu, and you will be redirected to a popup window containing several fields. All you have to do then is to simply enter all the information required by each field, including your own Airtime PIN, telephone number, as well as the promo code that you want to test. If the promo code does not work, you will be given a notification saying that it is expired, so all you have to do next is to try a different one.  http://promocoupons.codes/tracfone/

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