What do you think when you heard the word “skateboard”? It can refer to Kryptonics, as one of the best skateboard manufacturer since 1965. It is very obvious, if we are talking about skateboarding, Kryptonics is one of the best skateboard’s brands that you could choose. It became more popular over decades even until now. It got everything you need for your first choice of skateboard and spare parts. There are two kinds of boards that will be discussing in this Kryptonics Torpedo Skateboard Vs Penny Board topic which are torpedo skateboard and penny board that are produced by Kryptonics.

kryptonics torpedo skateboard 25

When it comes to talk about the price torpedo skateboard’s price is between USD 39 and USD 50, while penny board’s price is between USD 70 and USD 330. It is very obvious that penny board is much more expensive than torpedo skateboard. But, if you take a look at the feature of the penny board, it has higher feature than torpedo skateboard which makes it becomes more expensive. Penny board is equipped with bearing Abec7 which allows no friction, even when you ride this board on a beach sidewalk. It can go superfast and super lightweight just like the wind.

I would say both of us is worth the money, but if you are asking which one is worth more, well it is all depending on you. If you need a simple board that is not too expensive and can be used your 6 years old kids, well, torpedo skateboard is the right choice for you. In the other hand, if you want a decent board with more decent and classic looks, you can choose penny board. It has lots of variation that you can choose, mainly the colors of the board, the more attractive the colors, the more expensive it will be. It is all yours to choose.

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