The train has become one of the most major and crucial means of land transportation in today’s modern world. Without it, your options will be limited and have a limited option isn’t exactly fun. The fact that the trains have connected major cities and places also contribute to the factor that the trains are needed by millions of travelers, commuters, and passengers on a daily basis. So, knowing some of the information and insight about the trains can be very helpful to make your travel more manageable and easier.

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The Easy Traveling System

Since the trains have played a major importance in the transportation, a lot of improvement and development have been made. For a starter, the comfort and convenience have been added and improved. No more lousy train trips. No more smelly or lousy train coach. Today’s train travel is mostly convenient, clean, and affordable.

Moreover, the online system has been added to make passengers have an easier way to book or buy the tickets. If you come to, you can see the different schedules from Woodland to JB Sentral and vice versa. Some schedules are made for Singaporean destination while some are made from Johor Bharu destination. You only need to fill in the detailed information related to your trips, such as your date of departure, destination, current location, and such thing alike. Click on the Search button and you will be presented with the available schedules.

The Online Payment and Completion

What about the payment if you are using the online system? Haven’t you heard about money transfer or the credit card? If you log into the web at, you can complete the payment by choosing any means of payment that suits your condition. Very simple and easy, right?

All in all, the online system has made your life simpler and easier – and you no longer need to deal with the fussy or complicated manual system.


England is not only known for its soccer business which has been one of the most famous businesses in the world up until know but it is also known as a warm and friendly country to visit. There are also numerous universities that become the main destination of foreign students to come and study which has made England to be the one of the most visited countries in the world. Yes, it is a costly trip for those who are apparently coming from Asia or Latin America but visiting this country is totally worth it on every way. However, in here we are not going to recommend you to go to London or Liverpool but we are going to tell you some secret places in rural part of England that most tourists miss.

Secret Places

4One of the secret places that we are going to dig down in here is known as Ilford. Some people may refer it as Ilford Town which is basically the same thing. This town is also a part of East London Suburbs with the today’s population exceed 190,000 residents. Well, it’s not that populated comparing to urban cities in England which makes Ilford to be a quiet and peaceful town.

Ilford Escort

The secret on this place lies on its ladies. Yes, the ladies are famously known as the Ilford escort is one thing that most tourists mostly missed when they visit this lovely and quiet town. Ilford escort is not as pricy as escorts in London hence it is going to be a good night with a cheaper price. Moreover, don’t underestimate the quality of Ilford Escort since most women in here are tall and beautiful professional who know many ways to satisfy their customer. So, don’t miss Ilford Escorts whenever you visit England because it is going to be a big miss for sure.


How is the most expensive bus from Penang to Singapore? You should know about the New Asian Travel. You have to pay MYR 88.00 to step your foot on this bus. Everything depends on your favor and wish. You can have the morning road or the evening road as you wish. If you think it would be better to arrive in Singapore in the afternoon, you can use the morning trip, but if you think it would be better to pass the road by sleeping on the bus, then you can choose the evening bus schedule, so you will arrive in Singapore in the early morning. The latest time to go is 23:55 from Sungai Nibong to Woodland by New Asian Travel (Fame Pacific Express coach) by only pay MYR 60.00. choose your seats now and make your arrangement today!

 Browse Your Need in

If it is your first travel in Singapore, you do browse more of the information in this page as your helper find the bus ticket. Do not worry about the price because easybook will not cheat you ever! You will get the best deal price here! You also do not need to get stuck in doing the payment. It is because of you can use your debit card or even your VISA card. Since you will spend around 7 hours on the bus, you need to extra carefully in choosing the bus. Make sure you get the high-quality bus to help you enjoy your journey. Easybook always provides the executive bus that can ensure your convenient.

The bus that offers by easybook is always recleaning. It also using the air conditioner. Few stops are available, so you can stretch your legs too. Whether if you want to use the toilet too often, the bus provides you with it. therefore, how is the way to book the ticket?

The main reason why people, especially in Malaysia, start to buy the KTM train ticket is because the comfortable and the cheap price. Well, we need to admit it that both elements are becoming the most important aspects of buying a ticket for a public transportation. With the complete routes, you can enjoy you can have a nice trip in all states especially in Malaysia easier and more comfortable.

Things we should know about KTM train ticket


This is actually first established in 1995 supported by Malaysia government with the electrified commuter train service system. The purpose is to make the Malaysia people and the tourists also enjoying the trip to all the states of Malaysia easier in a cheap and comfortable way.

If you buy the KTM train ticket you will also free yourself from the hustle and bustle of the traffic problem. So you won’t be late to go to your work. Well, we should realize that the traffic problem is the common problem most countries in the world should face. So the Malaysia government wants to contribute to solving the traffic problem with this perfect public transportation.

With only RM 5 you can definitely have a safe and comfortable trip from Nilai station to Mid Valley station. It sounds so perfect and affordable for us, right? You can purchase the KTM train ticket by buying online, at counters or even by using Ticket Vending Machines you can find in the station. So you don’t to worry about buying aticket because you can get it in all the easy ways.

Besides, with the AC facility we are not worrying about the hot weather anymore if we are using the KTM Malaysia. So let’s start using KTM Malaysia to make our live more perfect!

If you live in India, you probably have been familiar with IndiGo Airlines. After all, this flight is quite popular and famous because of their good service and their inexpensive rate. If you want to make a reservation and check your status, you probably should call the helpdesk. However, this procedure has its drawbacks because you are going to deal with re-directions, which mean that you will have to wait for quite some time and the process can be quite complicated. But don’t worry; now you can do the online checking through the website or mobile phone.


Online System

There are some steps that you need to do when you want to check your IndiGo flight status:

  • Visit the official website
  • Fill in your Booking Reference numbers. If you are given a special PNR number by them, use the number
  • There is ‘get Itinerary’ button available there. Click on it and you will be notified about your status immediately.

There is no need to deal with manual system anymore. No need to make calls and wait for the right official to contact you. The online system is created to provide quick, efficient, and bypass solution for those who are in emergency or those who want to get quick information. You can browse around for the online address.

The Mobile Phone Usage

The offline system enables you to use your mobile phone to do the checking. Simply log into and complete your flight details. You can start it out by filling in the departing flight, the arriving flight, the departure date, and the flight number – if there is any.

In case you don’t know the flight number, you will then be given a list of available flights. From that list, you can get the details of your flights. It’s really simple and easy, right?

Thinking about going on vacation in the early year is a good idea when you decide to Malaysia, the closest country people adore. There has been various travel agency offers a convenient journey in various prices. Sri Maju, Nice, Konsortium, Coach Express Service and Startmart Express are the ones that are ready to deliver you from Kovan Hub, Boon Lay Shopping Centre, Mile Complex, The Plaza Beach Road & Golden Mile Tower. The nearest destinations for passengers to reach public transformation are the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, Puduraya and Berjaya Times Square. Well, this must be the enjoyful journey that the tourist after leaving the flight service in the purpose of convenient journey. The time needed to reach the Kuala Lumpur from Singapore is only 5-7 hours with the express bus. However, passengers are served with super luxury services when they want to experience the amazing experience of travelling by bus from Singapore to Malaysia. They can enjoy the 7inch touchscreen console, wifi, BlueICE on board which enable passenger smooth while the bus is running.


How to book bus online ticket?

As the need of quick transaction is increasing, we are trying to understand the customers need by providing the Easybook to save you from the long queue. We have worked years covering routes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand with more than 17,000 buses and routes. Besides, a list of information including the departure time, destination, companies along with the price and number seats are available in single click only. Additionally, some cut-price are given to passengers who are willing to book the return ticket. We also provide the bus routes in various price, so customers can adjust their budget safely.

Booking ticket from our website will save you from the longest and complicated queue. Meanwhile, you can save time and your money a lot. Buying ticket is tiring. Oppositely, you can keep the payment proof in soft file. No worries of losing your ticket as the ompany has the data base.

Cameron Highland is one of the famous places in Malaysia. It is popular with tourist from all over the world to visit for its beautiful and amazing scenery. Not only the overall scenery, there are a lot of places you can visit in Cameron Highlands depending on what type of activity you want to do. Most of the people with family usually go to the strawberry farm or butterfly centers, people who go with friends usually go for a hiking or camping, and people who go with their significant other usually go to the beautiful and relaxing lavender garden. And there are many other options of place that you could also go to.


If you are planning to go to Cameron Highlands from Singapore, you might wonder if there is a practical way to go there. Though Singapore and Malaysia are close in distance, many have been wondering if it would be difficult to go with thebus. The answer is yes. In fact, there are many tour and travel companies that would provide you to go from Singapore to the exact place that you want to visit in Cameron Highlands.

Tour Bus: Details

To take a tour bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands, the approximate price is 41 SGD to 50 SGD. It might be a little bit expensive than taking the public transportation, but the effort and time that you can save comparing to the tour bus is very high. The price usually depends on which package that you want to take. Each package would consist different facilities and different destination that suits you the most. For the time estimation, usually, it would be around 8 to 9 hours of a bus ride with several stops in between. You can book the ticket for your tour bus by looking up the website online.

Who says traveling is always costly? If you are smart and creative, you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy your holiday time. If you feel like traveling to Malaysia, for instance, and you live nearby, you can always make use of the provided bus tour and trip. With this kind of land transportation, you can have enjoyable and memorable traveling experience without breaking the bank.

About Easybook

Among the many bus travel providers and operators, easybook is one provider that is operating in South East Asia – so you can imagine the wide coverage. The great thing about easybook is that it offers easiness and flexibility when you want to travel to many interesting places in South Asia. All you have to do is to log into the official web, choose the schedules, destinations, and the fleet that you want, and you are good to go. Keep in mind, though, that different fleets have different policies and regulations. Some fleets may require you to pay the tickets upfront (so you need to make money transfer), while some may require you to pay when you are about to depart by showing your booking code.


The Main Benefits

So, what are the advantages you can enjoy when you log into

    • The process is simple, fast, and efficient. No more traditional method of standing in line, wasting your energy and time.

  • The options are various, and you can browse different options without fuss or hassle.
  • The site receives different payment methods, so the overall process is not complicated.
  • The site is arranged in very easy and user friendly system, so you can always it easily.

Taking a Look around

If you are still doubtful about the whole concept, feel free to visit the site. You can browse around and get yourself familiar with the online system. If you still have questions, you can always contact the customer service.

Don’t you love it when you can enjoy all in one service from one provider? It means that you don’t have to move from one provider to another to get the services you want. It will definitely save you time, energy, and also money. Can you even imagine how wasteful it is when you have to drive from one provider to another? Can you imagine the time spent to get everything done and well managed from various different providers?

The Efficiency and Flexibility

If you are looking for a reliable and credible one-stop-shopping for traveling, you are always welcome to come visiting The provider is one of the biggest travel agents in South East Asia and it definitely provides all kinds of services related to traveling and managing a trip. Do you want to travel through air? You can book a plane tickets easily. Do you want to travel on land? Bus or train tickets are provided easily and can be booked right away.

Not only you can enjoy the easiness in traveling, you are free to go whenever you want to. Easybook provides different destinations – whether you want to go to Malaysia, Japan, India, or even out of Asia – you can make sure that you can always get the tickets.


Other Services

Besides providing online tickets purchasing, you can also enjoy other services like local tour or car rental service. Everything has been managed carefully and within sections, so finding the service you want is always easy. When you want to rent a car, for instance, you only need to click on the provided link and you will be directed to a certain page. Simply provide the date when you want to rent the car and when you want to return it. And then you can choose the types of cars, make the reservation, and then go. It’s that simple.

Not many people would choose Vietnam for their holiday destination, but once you set your foot on the country, you will realize that you have missed so much. The country may not be the most popular tourist destination in Asia, but it has its own natural appeal. There is something refreshing and exotic about this place that you can’t find in other places. There are so many different reasons why you should choose Vietnam for your holiday.

Everything Is Affordable

If you are looking for a place that is interesting and beautiful, and you won’t have to spend a fortune for it, choosing Vietnam is the perfect decision. The foods, the service, and even the transportation are very affordable – if not cheap. You can enjoy the street food stalls or the high end restaurants without having to break your wallet. And even when you are staying in luxurious and sophisticated hotels, you can expect quite low price tag without compromising the quality of the service. You may have to spend extra to come to Vietnam airport, but aside from the flight cost, everything is cheap and affordable.

The Friendly People

Most of Vietnamese are friendly. They like to smile and laugh. There is an aura of optimism and friendliness about them. When I first went to Vietnam, I felt welcome. I could explore the city without having to worry about getting lost or being mugged. Everyone is ready to help and I can’t wait to get back to that country again!

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The Tasty Foods

One of the reasons why you should go on Vietnam tour (circuit Vietnam) is the tasty and unique foods. You can ask your guide or companion if you have a certain wish. If you want to try the unique or extreme foods, you can ask for it. Or if you miss home and you want to have Western foods, simply ask them. The traditional food is amazing.