Do you have trouble to get cheap flight ticket? If you do, then you can try this guidance. The common way to do is by chasing “harga tiket murah” in your search engine, or you can try to search that content in your social media add. The other simple way is follow your favorite Airlines’ social media, or try to follow all of Airlines’ social media.

cheap flight ticket

Member Benefits

Although it is not too effective for you, at least you will become the first person, who knows about the Airlines’ discount or special offering when there is special time. For example are when there is the Airline’s birthday, you will get some discounts for some routes. It will give you a chance to use it. In the other hand, you can try to be the member of one of your favorite Airline. It also will give you more benefits, and not only discount. You will get free snacks or meal, and other services only for member.

Join Member Now!

It would be better for you to join as a member. It will give you more benefits on your regular flight. In a month, you always have schedule to fly, so you really need special price. The Airlines also will know and care about your loyalty with it. Therefore, they will offer you many things, which will help you to be loyal with them. Ask yourself to join it then. However, when you become a member, you may not do the transaction in some agents. You should do the transaction in the Airlines’ bank reference. Do you feel good with it? If you have the same bank account, than there is no problem. You will get the cheapest will be. What do you think about this advice? Are you going to be one of any Airlines you like member and be loyal of it?

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