If you live in India, you probably have been familiar with IndiGo Airlines. After all, this flight is quite popular and famous because of their good service and their inexpensive rate. If you want to make a reservation and check your status, you probably should call the helpdesk. However, this procedure has its drawbacks because you are going to deal with re-directions, which mean that you will have to wait for quite some time and the process can be quite complicated. But don’t worry; now you can do the online checking through the website or mobile phone.


Online System

There are some steps that you need to do when you want to check your IndiGo flight status:

  • Visit the official website
  • Fill in your Booking Reference numbers. If you are given a special PNR number by them, use the number
  • There is ‘get Itinerary’ button available there. Click on it and you will be notified about your status immediately.

There is no need to deal with manual system anymore. No need to make calls and wait for the right official to contact you. The online system is created to provide quick, efficient, and bypass solution for those who are in emergency or those who want to get quick information. You can browse around for the online address.

The Mobile Phone Usage

The offline system enables you to use your mobile phone to do the checking. Simply log into http://mobile.goindigo.in/Consumer/m/flightStatus and complete your flight details. You can start it out by filling in the departing flight, the arriving flight, the departure date, and the flight number – if there is any.

In case you don’t know the flight number, you will then be given a list of available flights. From that list, you can get the details of your flights. It’s really simple and easy, right?

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