Where is Klebang Melaka?

Klebang Melaka beach is one of the famous beaches in the country Melaka, Malaysia which is located adjacent to the Tanjung Kling. Klebang area itself is divided into two parts, namely Large Klebang and Small Klebang. Klebang becomes part of the Central Melaka located between Bandar Melaka and River Shrimp.

Well, Klebang Coast region is located in the region of the Great Klebang which stretches up to the Balik Buloh. While the Small Klebang area stems from the region of Pokok Mangga to the mosque of Large Klebang.


The Klebang Coast region Melaka, Negeri royal Ali Rustam has causeway coastal areas to be used as recreation area of residents Melaka. This stretch of pond area reached up to Kundor beach, Tanjung Kling (or better known as Princess Beach). Klebang beach recreation area is widely used as an area to play kite. The place is spacious and strong wind that is very suitable for kite contest. Around the coast also are found the kite sellers, costing from RM5, RM7 and the most expensive is RM15. On weekends when the weather is nice, a lot of people come to the beach Klebang to fly a kite or just relaxing.

Melaka Klebang beach is very easy to reach. On the way into the direction of the beach you’ll find posts Submarine Museum. Well, just follow the road until the end to the end of the two-way turning left and right. You can choose to enter either the coastal region of the left or right turn. Vehicle parking area is quite broad and strategic, adjoining the dining outlets that stretches neat. If you do not want to play on the beach, just enjoy Coconut Shake while sitting in the gazebo by the beach. See sand and crashing waves can refresh your mind. You can come back tomorrow morning with more activities again.

So, come on!

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