A city with 5 million people population can be said as huge city. Singapore is one of the big cities in Southeast Asia. The population which includes many different ethnicities, such as, Indians and Chinese has made this city very interesting. It becomes the assets of Singapore in introducing itself as multicultural cities. The central of the city is located in the southern part of the island. That is the riverside area which consists of Singapore’s colonial core with bars and clubs. Besides that, we can find several museums there. This city is also known as one of the crowded cities in the world. It is not too surprising that the trade in this city is very active and boosts the economy of the country.

About Mersing Town

Mersing town is located in Johor, Malaysia. This city is well-known for its diversity in marine life. It also becomes the city which is famous for the seafood. The location of this city is in the east cost of the peninsular Malaysian state which is quite near with Singapore. Mersing town can be accessed from Singapore easily. We can take taxi, bus, or coaches. There are two main roads and junction which connect Singapore and Mersing. Even though Mersing is a small city with little population but this city has several tourism spots which are quite interesting.


The economy in this city is not as high as Singapore. But, it starts to develop with the urban itself. Most of people are interesting to come to Mersing because it is still a traditional city. We can find traditional fruit sellers and coffee shops. We also can find fast food outlets and restaurant which operate 24 hours. The beaches in this city are also very beautiful. The Endau Rompin National park becomes the main attraction too. We can access Easybook.com for detail information about Mersing tourism spots.

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