Are you planning on holiday this long holiday season? Are you looking for cheap hotel to stay? Look no further because Trivago is ready to assist you. Based in Düsseldorf, Germany, this travel metasearch engine has expanded its service to Indonesia. It is easier now to book cheap hotel because this website will let you to compare hotel prices from different online hotel reservation websites. You can save more money for your holiday, right?


How to get cheap hotel?

Depend on your preferences, Trivago will display from one star hotel to five star hotels. You have plenty options to choose. You will be spoilt with how easy to use this website is. There are many online reservation websites. Before Trivago available in Indonesia, you have to visit each online website reservation to check hotel rates. It must be time consuming and not efficient at all. But, in Trivago now you just need to put your destination, then choose your check in and checkout date, hit enter and voila! Hundreds of hotel choices are available to choose at best price.

Here is how to get cheap hotel in Trivago:

  1. Enter your holiday destination, e.g. Bali
  2. Enter your check in and checkout date and also room type
  3. Customize the setting of the price. Make it within your budget, e.g. from Rp 100.000 – Rp 500.000
  4. You can also filter the hotel based on its review and length from the city. To get cheaper price, you can choose hotel that is not in the center of city.
  5. Once you find the best deal for your hotel, click the green button and Trivago will lead you to that online hotel reservation website, e.g.
  6. You have to fill in the information and book it as soon as possible because hotel price is keep changing.

And you are ready to go!

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