The main reason why people, especially in Malaysia, start to buy the KTM train ticket is because the comfortable and the cheap price. Well, we need to admit it that both elements are becoming the most important aspects of buying a ticket for a public transportation. With the complete routes, you can enjoy you can have a nice trip in all states especially in Malaysia easier and more comfortable.

Things we should know about KTM train ticket


This is actually first established in 1995 supported by Malaysia government with the electrified commuter train service system. The purpose is to make the Malaysia people and the tourists also enjoying the trip to all the states of Malaysia easier in a cheap and comfortable way.

If you buy the KTM train ticket you will also free yourself from the hustle and bustle of the traffic problem. So you won’t be late to go to your work. Well, we should realize that the traffic problem is the common problem most countries in the world should face. So the Malaysia government wants to contribute to solving the traffic problem with this perfect public transportation.

With only RM 5 you can definitely have a safe and comfortable trip from Nilai station to Mid Valley station. It sounds so perfect and affordable for us, right? You can purchase the KTM train ticket by buying online, at counters or even by using Ticket Vending Machines you can find in the station. So you don’t to worry about buying aticket because you can get it in all the easy ways.

Besides, with the AC facility we are not worrying about the hot weather anymore if we are using the KTM Malaysia. So let’s start using KTM Malaysia to make our live more perfect!

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