How is the most expensive bus from Penang to Singapore? You should know about the New Asian Travel. You have to pay MYR 88.00 to step your foot on this bus. Everything depends on your favor and wish. You can have the morning road or the evening road as you wish. If you think it would be better to arrive in Singapore in the afternoon, you can use the morning trip, but if you think it would be better to pass the road by sleeping on the bus, then you can choose the evening bus schedule, so you will arrive in Singapore in the early morning. The latest time to go is 23:55 from Sungai Nibong to Woodland by New Asian Travel (Fame Pacific Express coach) by only pay MYR 60.00. choose your seats now and make your arrangement today!

 Browse Your Need in Eaybook.com

If it is your first travel in Singapore, you do browse more of the information in this page as your helper find the bus ticket. Do not worry about the price because easybook will not cheat you ever! You will get the best deal price here! You also do not need to get stuck in doing the payment. It is because of you can use your debit card or even your VISA card. Since you will spend around 7 hours on the bus, you need to extra carefully in choosing the bus. Make sure you get the high-quality bus to help you enjoy your journey. Easybook always provides the executive bus that can ensure your convenient.

The bus that offers by easybook is always recleaning. It also using the air conditioner. Few stops are available, so you can stretch your legs too. Whether if you want to use the toilet too often, the bus provides you with it. therefore, how is the way to book the ticket?

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