There are many sites of ferry Transportation Company that offer their services, but only some of which have a reliable reputation and have better prices comparisons. To find out which ferry schedule and service that will best suit your need, check out It provides a price detailing including discount and any charges that may affect the price ticket. All information about the long-distance travel through the sea by ferry including the schedules of departure and arrival are also available there.


How to get in Bintan from Ferry Terminal

Since the site offers the ticket to Bintan from Singapore, the most popular and ideal ferry terminal is Bintan Lagoon. It is located in Bintan Resorts, referred as the chunk of Singapore in Indonesia. Anyone who arrives there will easily travel from Singapore to Indonesia. This is a better option than booking airline tickets, which are more expensive than ferry tickets. While having ferry transportation is also ideal fro those who want to enjoy a private long sea journey, which you cannot get from airplane journey. The strategic and ideal position of this terminal makes it become one of the most important elements of Indonesian international transportation infrastructures. Therefore, Indonesia is very concerned on the safe travel to Bintan through Singapore. The guards on the terminal and port will screen your entire luggage. Once, they have checked the items, so you can bring them to the destination where you dream of.

There are many sites offer travel tips to Bintan from Singapore by ferry. One of the most recommended tips is about documentation. Make sure you have already completed the documents of your international transportation, so you can have an enjoyable vacation. To check the costs of visa you must pay, you have to see the policy and regulation of the current Indonesia immigration. Just for information, per July 2011, the cost of a 7-day visa was US$10 per person.

People who are thinking of investing in tanning beds should know everything that is involved in their purchase, such as the amount of the electricity, the cushion, and the tanning bed bulbs. Cushions and electricity might not be your first concern, but the bed bulbs would pay you extra attention because different bulbs will produce different tanning effects.


The tanning bed bulbs are the heart of the machine. They are the source of your tanning process. Good bulbs help you reach the optimal result in the best possible time. Understanding the best bulbs to use is in the machine is important, and below are several points to guide you choosing the best bulbs.

How to Go Tanning Successfully with the Best Bulbs

Keep an eye on the UV light meter. The best bulbs will last 700 hours at over 70 percent efficiency. When the bulbs dip below 70 percent brightness, it’s the right time to replace them with new bulbs.

Buy only good tanning bed bulbs to prevent the ill effects of indoor tanning. The bulbs are in fact more intense than the sun, and thus in some cases the use of the machine may lead to serious skin diseases. The best bulbs are not the strongest lights and do not create overexposure.

Get the correct bulbs size. If you choose the correct size of bulbs, you can protect your skin from damaging ultraviolet rays since the tanning bed will act as a controlled environment which is much better than lying out in the sun directly. Ask the bulbs supplier as to the safest bulbs for your skin.

Understand your skin type. It would determine how long you will take to go tanning. If you burn easily, you need to start out only going five minutes in a level one or two.

Your tanning bulbs won’t understand your skin. It’s you who need to do your own research. Make sure you use the tanning bed safely to protect your skin from severe damage.

To get a free cell phone service of Safelink Wireless in New York, we should make sure that we of our family in the same household do not have or not apply Safelink Wireless or other free cell phone service from different brand. As part of the government’s program, the users of the Safelink Wireless are controlled. We can get the product with some regulations. There are two methods to get this product for free. We can choose one of them and select the one we think we are able to fulfill.

The first method

Safelink Wireless is made for people who have low income people. Then, of the requirement method to get this free cell phone service is by showing the annual income. Our annual income should be not more than 135% of Federal Poverty Guidelines. For family with one member, the annual income should not be more than $14,702. It will be bigger for us who live with more than one member of the family. Besides that, when we send the application for Safelink Wireless, we should also send a document which prove the number of our annual income. Our last year tax form can help, or we can ask our employer to give as recommendation letter.

Other method which can be used to get Safelink Wireless is participating in public assistance program. In this method, we can be qualified to receive the free cell phone service. We should join and active in one of the New York public assistance program. We should not give the document while sending the application form. To be able mention we are participating in the program we can join Food Stamps, Family Assistance, Medicaid, Safety Net Assistance, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Social Security Income, or other programs. Visit to find out more.


App store optimization services are services which are meant to be used by app developers. It is because of the effectiveness of the services in bringing a certain app to the top list in the app store. Being on the top list on the app store is very important to boost our app’s rating and visibility. Therefore, we don’t only need to develop an app which comes with a decent quality but knowing the best way to make people recognize our app in the app store is also something that must be done.

app store optimization

Detail Explanation

If we are still unsure whether we must app store optimization services or not, let us tell you’re a detail explanation of several services which are offered. The first service is the review service. Review service is basically gives our app a certain amount of good reviews that may boost a good first impression from people that visit our app’s page. Why? Because it is common for people to decide either they should download a certain app or not based on the reviews on the app’s page. If the majority of people which gave reviews on our app’s page stated that our app is the best one then it will be more likely for people to download our app immediately.

Good Advices

Another service which is provided in the app store optimization services is the good advices. Most of these services provider have been dwelling in the app business for a long time hence they will know either our app’s title has a good selling point or not and also the keywords which are used can make people easier to know our app or not. These simple factors can affect the rating of a certain app where app store optimization services are ready to help us in gaining a good rating.