To get a free cell phone service of Safelink Wireless in New York, we should make sure that we of our family in the same household do not have or not apply Safelink Wireless or other free cell phone service from different brand. As part of the government’s program, the users of the Safelink Wireless are controlled. We can get the product with some regulations. There are two methods to get this product for free. We can choose one of them and select the one we think we are able to fulfill.

The first method

Safelink Wireless is made for people who have low income people. Then, of the requirement method to get this free cell phone service is by showing the annual income. Our annual income should be not more than 135% of Federal Poverty Guidelines. For family with one member, the annual income should not be more than $14,702. It will be bigger for us who live with more than one member of the family. Besides that, when we send the application for Safelink Wireless, we should also send a document which prove the number of our annual income. Our last year tax form can help, or we can ask our employer to give as recommendation letter.

Other method which can be used to get Safelink Wireless is participating in public assistance program. In this method, we can be qualified to receive the free cell phone service. We should join and active in one of the New York public assistance program. We should not give the document while sending the application form. To be able mention we are participating in the program we can join Food Stamps, Family Assistance, Medicaid, Safety Net Assistance, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Social Security Income, or other programs. Visit to find out more.

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