People who are thinking of investing in tanning beds should know everything that is involved in their purchase, such as the amount of the electricity, the cushion, and the tanning bed bulbs. Cushions and electricity might not be your first concern, but the bed bulbs would pay you extra attention because different bulbs will produce different tanning effects.


The tanning bed bulbs are the heart of the machine. They are the source of your tanning process. Good bulbs help you reach the optimal result in the best possible time. Understanding the best bulbs to use is in the machine is important, and below are several points to guide you choosing the best bulbs.

How to Go Tanning Successfully with the Best Bulbs

Keep an eye on the UV light meter. The best bulbs will last 700 hours at over 70 percent efficiency. When the bulbs dip below 70 percent brightness, it’s the right time to replace them with new bulbs.

Buy only good tanning bed bulbs to prevent the ill effects of indoor tanning. The bulbs are in fact more intense than the sun, and thus in some cases the use of the machine may lead to serious skin diseases. The best bulbs are not the strongest lights and do not create overexposure.

Get the correct bulbs size. If you choose the correct size of bulbs, you can protect your skin from damaging ultraviolet rays since the tanning bed will act as a controlled environment which is much better than lying out in the sun directly. Ask the bulbs supplier as to the safest bulbs for your skin.

Understand your skin type. It would determine how long you will take to go tanning. If you burn easily, you need to start out only going five minutes in a level one or two.

Your tanning bulbs won’t understand your skin. It’s you who need to do your own research. Make sure you use the tanning bed safely to protect your skin from severe damage.

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